SAMY, a mascot like no other…

fleur chardon

The lake, the mountain and Samy…

His story.

06 July 2013 –  8.56pm :

It was a beautiful summer evening, a light breeze coming from the lake tickled the reeds and the faces of a small group of adventurers…. Like every week, parents and children, accompanied by one of our animators , set out to explore the Dranse Delta nature reserve: a place still preserved from all human activity, where beavers, wild orchids and gray herons mingle peacefully.

That evening, the moon was full and was reflected on the immensity of Lake Geneva, highlighting the surrounding peaks. Everything was peaceful, the lights of the Swiss shore twinkled in the distance, the frogs croaked, the bats flew around and the children laughed….

Sunset on Leman Lake

It was then, when all these people reached the Delta, where the turbulent currents of the Dranse and the crystal clear waters of Lake Geneva intertwine, that a puny little squirrel showed the end of his hazelnuts.. Nothing extraordinary, squirrels are easily observed around the campsite, jumping from branch to branch under the amused gaze of holidaymakers.

But this one was different: he let the children approach him and even played with them, reproducing the grimaces of the little ones and the movements of the older ones. The hour passing, we decided with regret, to leave it among its congeners, hoping to find it during our next night outings. But, this little squirrel had decided otherwise and accompanied us to the campsite, which he no longer wanted to leave.

This is how Samy became our mascot.

By rubbing shoulders with our vacationers, he quickly abandoned his diet consisting mainly of fruit and hazelnuts, in favor of peanuts and much richer local products (Abondance cheese, tomme cheese, charcuterie…). This explains today its extraordinary size.

Wanting to regain his form of yesteryear to be able to frolic again in the trees, our nice squirrel decided to set himself new challenges: SAMY’S CHALLENGES !

His challenges in video

Canoeing on snow – 2016

His challenges in pictures