What to do when raining on the shores of Lake Geneva ?


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What to do in case of rain next the Leman Lake ?

Even rare, sometimes it’s raining in Thonon-les-Bains ;-). And when you don’t plan for it and it happens during the holidays, it’s immediately less fun… Don’t worry because here is a selection of the best activities to do around Lake Geneva when it rains. Things you probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to discover otherwise.

All these activities are located less than an hour’s drive from our campsite.

Don’t forget to take advantage of discount rates with our various partners.

Swimming pools – water parks

These aquatic centers are covered and heated.

Aquaparc – 30 km

Relaxation and well-being

Nothing better than splashing around in hot tubs on a rainy day.

Baths of Lavey – Suisse (60 km)


Feed his mind !

Ecomusée de la pêche et du lac (3km)

Cultural and natural heritage

Usine d’embouteillage d’Evian – 5 km

Sports et loisirs

Laser Game Funky Factory à Thonon-les-Bains