Haute-Savoy is especially know for its cheeses and wines, but has much more tasty food that you could discover during your stay.
At the restaurant, on a market-place or directly in a farm, choose the way you'd like to enjoy local food.

Direct sale of cheese on the farm:
You'll find around some educational farms allowing you to see the cheese manufacture (see the map).
The Haute-savoy counts more than 30 different cheeses. The most popular are: Abondance, Tome and Raclette.


Salted meat:
You probably know the country ham or saucisson, but did you already hear about Atriaux, Diots, Longeoles that make the Chablais famous ?

Both lacustrine or of the river, you'll be able to taste different types of fishes in one of the numrous restaurant along the Geneva lake.
Also you'll be able to buy fresh fish directly from one of the lake fishermen (see map).


Wines :
Savoy wines go well with fish dishes or cheese specialities (fondue, berthoud, tartiflette...).
Around the campsite, you could taste Ripaille, Marin or Marignan wines (see maps).

Mineral water:
Fill your bottle directly to the springs: champignon de la Versoie (Thonon) or source Cachat (Evian) (see map).


Anyway, during a simple visit, a mountain trekk or just at the restaurant, the chance to taste local food will be numerous!