Environmental friendly


fleur chardon fleur

We have already known Mother Nature in better health… At our small scale, here is how the Saint-Disdille campsite hope to give her a little smile !

We respect biodiversity

A 12-hectare wooded park to preserve

We are delighted to welcome you in a magnificent 12 ha wooded park, located on the edge of a nature reserve. In total, 768 trees (yes, we have listed them all on our map in the form of small white circles) and thousands of shrubs (there, we were a little lazy to count…) live on the campsite . It would be a shame not to take advantage of the shade they provide.

This is how we counted the trees at the campsite …

As there are never enough (and to limit the vis-à-vis), we plant a hundred additional trees and shrubs each year, as well as thousands of flower bulbs, which come to sublimate the alleys of the camping. These plants are raised with love by Benoît and Tof under the supervision of Yoann, our landscaper. We do not add any chemicals (or other substances that sting the eyes…). Only natural, nothing but natural (crushed horns, compost, mulch) and it works very well that way!

The plants of Saint-Disdille are therefore pampered and perfectly integrated into the various campsite projects, in order to avoid damaging their roots, or even seeing them end up in logs…

Insects are our friends, we must love them too …

You will have the chance to see many animals at the campsite: squirrels (like our mascot), hedgehogs, green woodpeckers, tits, ducks and, whatever some may dislike, insects of all kinds as well as pipistrelles. We don’t have many mosquitoes don’t worry. Foxes and wild boars even come to visit us every winter.

Of course, some small animals are a little more teasing with our vacationers. We therefore sometimes give a little helping hand to Mother Nature so that they go elsewhere, by setting up nesting boxes for tits and bat shelters, which feast on processionary caterpillars and mosquitoes.

Since 2022, we have even had the honor of being classified as an LPO Refuge (Bird Protection League). Basically, a 5-star campsite for all feathered animals (except for the spit-roasted chickens in our supermarket…)

We also make our holidaymakers aware of the environment around us, with the installation of panels and an educational hive.

Ruche pédagogique de notre camping
Educational hive in Saint-Disdille campsite

We save resources

Water, a precious commodity

Despite what some say, global warming has made itself felt in recent years. Summers are becoming more and more scorching and the lack of water is a reality. Bathing restrictions are commonplace today, whether at the pool or in the river. Fortunately for us (and for your holidays), we are located a stone’s throw from one of the largest lakes in Europe: the majestic Lake Geneva. The water is crystal clear, non-chlorinated and at the right temperature (25°C on average in summer): what better way to swim? Now you understand why we don’t have a swimming pool. Already there, we are saving a lot of water and energy !

Afterwards, without going into too much detail, we try to save a little everywhere we can, but never to the detriment of your comfort: double flow flushing, aerator, recovery of rainwater for watering…

Saint-Disdille beach, 200 m away from the campsite

Energy, a hot topic

As everyone knows, the energy budget is crucial for any business or household. The best energy saving is therefore that which is not consumed.

  • We then shifted the season by 2 weeks, now opening in the middle of April, because it was not uncommon to still have nights below zero degrees when we used to open earlier. And a mobil-home radiator is real energy pit…
  • All our old bulbs have been replaced with low consumption bulbs.
  • Solar panels have been installed on our sanitary blocks for hot water production.
  • Most of the cars used by the campsite’s staff are electric cars.
  • The lights in our walkways are all equipped with Lumandar (ie. everything only lights up at nightfall).
  • All our residents’ mobile homes are equipped with an electric meter in order to limit abuse (it was not uncommon to see an air conditioning running at full speed with the windows wide open…)
Yohann in one of the 10 electric car of the Saint-Disdille campsite

We sort our waste

We make it a point of honor to sort the waste produced on the campsite.

  • A selective sorting area with 6 semi-buried containers is available at the entrance to the campsite (1 green (glass), 2 yellow (plastic-paper) and 3 gray bins (for everything else).
  • We reuse a good part of the green waste (leaves, branches) for compost or mulch.
  • We also recycle our ink cartridges and all plastic caps for the benefit of associations.

We work local

  • All our mobil-homes are made in France (Rapidhome, Trigano, Sunshine habitat) and the majority of our material suppliers are located less than 10 km from the campsite.
  • The supermarket and restaurant offer local products.
  • We organize a local producers’ market every Tuesday evening in high season.
  • We make you enjoy activities at reduced rates with many local partners.

Let’s do even better !

We are aware that there is still a lot of progress to be made, but know that our commitment is sincere. Very soon, we will be setting up a composter, fast-charging terminals for electric vehicles and maybe we will even welcome chickens (but without their roosters…)

At Saint-Disdille, we always work with the same goal : to make you happy for sure, but not to the detriment of Mother Nature !